Permanent Community 

The St. Lawrence Center serves a permanent community consisting of KU faculty, staff and alumni in the Lawrence area who agree to assist in the mission of St. Lawrence. There are 120 families in this permanent community, and they are the foundation of St. Lawrence. They provide consultation and support; serve as role models; and develop, form, and mentor the Catholic students of the University. They are true stewards through the devotion of their time, talent and treasure for the benefit of the Catholic Church. In addition, they are beneficiaries of services that St. Lawrence provides, such as sacramental life, pastoral care and religious education.


Those interested in registering as part of our permanent community should speak to Linda Hornik at the Front Desk for the necessary paperwork.

Here are a few of the events and offerings that we have for our Permanent Community Members:


Stay in touch with what is happening at St. Lawrence through our weekly bulletin.  Click below to see past bulletins: