ITALY 2018

MAY 14-23

O Rome! My Country! City of my Soul! - Lord Byron

Imagine yourself waking in a convent guesthouse on a hill overlooking the 2000 year old dome of the Pantheon, you grab an REAL espresso as you navigate curving streets packed deep with history, a history suddenly made real. Here Caesar welcomed Cleopatra, there Pope Leo rode off to face down Attila the Hun, still here Michelangelo walked to work on the ceiling of a small chapel, or an older generation of Americans marched to liberate Europe. Suddenly, the street opens up to a vast sunlight piazza and just as quickly you are kneeling at Mass in the radiant splendor of St. Peter's. After a quick pizza and beer with friends, you're off again in the whirl and bustle of Rome. That night you head into a quiet piazza and take a seat across from a church older than St. Peter's as you sample the wine and share your adventures with friends.

This is the trip we have planned for a select group of students at KU. It is a pilgrimage of the mind and soul. St. Lawrence provides you with experience faculty who possess an inside knowledge of Italy, while giving you a spiritual experience unlike any other. 

The cost of the trip is $2000. This covers everything but a few lunches and airfare. A non-refundable $150 deposit is due by October 1st, 2017. Any KU student may apply. Please direct any questions to

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