The St. Lawrence Institute for Faith and Culture offers a number of seminars in theology as well as other areas of Catholic thought. In addition, the School of Faith provides catechetical seminars and Scripture studies for those looking to understand the fundamentals of the Catholic faith. Undergraduates of any faith are invited to come learn the riches of the Church's thought.


CHURCH HISTORY I: From the Apostles through the councils

Thursdays @ 6pm   | @ The St. Lawrence Rectory with Dr. Luke Murray

Come explore the history of Christianity from its birth through the first few centuries of the early Church. We will touch on a few key figures and issues faced by the Church such as Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, the Cappadocian Fathers, the role of the papacy, the structure of the Church, its liturgy and sacraments, its relationship with the Roman Empire, and various challenges such as persecution, Gnosticism, and Arianism. The goal is to get through the first 7 ecumenical councils and to appreciate the crucial role played by the Church Fathers in the history of the Church. 

Graduate seminar:


WEDNESDAYS @ 4pm | @ The St. Lawrence Rectory with Patrick Callahan

This seminar explores the intersection of fact and culture in the life and works of John Senior (1923-1999) who taught at for a number of years here at the University of Kansas.

School of Faith Catechetical seminars

theology of the body

Sundays @ 6:45pm with Chad Pirotte