There's nothing quite like a Catholic Jayhawk. We have seen this over and over. There's something that's hard to name, but undeniably real, about claiming your Catholic faith as your own while on the Hill.  At KU there is this explosion of freedom, knowledge, experiences and friendships. At the same time, there are real challenges, real temptations, and real chances to leave behind the Catholic faith, to leave behind the virtues which lead to the deepest meaning and happiness known to humankind. While many do not choose it, the richest fruit emerges from those who make a YES to being Catholic. Catholic Jayhawks are a rare vintage and can be seen in the great Catholic Jayhawk vocations all around you.  

Thank God for St. Lawrence. As always, thanks for your prayers and support in adding to this legacy. See for yourself just a few of the seniors who have emerged from our Center this year. Keep believing!

Rock Chalk Catholic Jayhawk!
Father Mitchel Zimmerman
Director, St. Lawrence