St. Lawrence Volunteers


We believe the best way to invite others into something more is through authentic friendship and living lives that embody the message of the Christian life.  This is at the core of what it means to be a St. Lawrence Volunteer. 

The St. Lawrence Volunteer Program exists to provide ongoing missionary formation for it's volunteers and to engage college students who might not otherwise come in contact with the message of the Gospel.

It is designed for graduated students who are answering the call to give a year of their lives to ongoing formation, discernment, and ministry at the service of the mission of St. Lawrence.

The Essentials of a Volunteer

  • Being a strong campus presence through weekly time spent meeting new students and participating in campus activities
  • Meeting regularly with students on campus and at St. Lawrence

  • Collaboration with the Campus Minister to ensure all ministry efforts are successful
  • Having a spiritual director and making a daily holy hour and Eucharist

  • Living in intentional community and modeling holy and healthy living to others

  • Engage in evangelization training

  • Work with Center staff to deepen knowledge of the Catholic faith

Download the Application

Applications due April 15, 2017

Questions?  Contact Stacy at